Results in February 2017

1. Choco Therapy  2/11/2017 in Columbia, MD – Sungho Yoon: Gold & B2017 – Joseph Chong: 8th & D2017 in Senior Mixed Epee


2. Cobra Challenge ROC 2/10~12/2017 in Jersey City, NJ – Dahyun Kang: 6th & E2017 in C&Under Senior Women’s Epee


3. Brent Nieman Epee RJCC and RYC 2/11~12/2017 in East Point, GA – William Tae: Bronze & D2017 in Y14 Men’s Epee and 6th place in Cadet Men’s Epee


4. NJFA RJCC 2/25-26/2017 in Maplewood, NJ – Faith Park: Gold & C2017 in Cadet Women’t Epee and 5th place in Junior Women’s Epee


5. MoDuel Mixed Epee Open 2/25/2017 in Elkton, MD – Kyle Yi: Bronze & B2017 – Sungho Yoon: 5th place


6. Fairfax Challenge RYC 2/25-26/2017 in Fairfax, VA –  Y10 Women’s Epee:  Yedda Lee-Silver   Y10 Men’s Epee: Christopher Chong-Bronze, Ian Park-Bronze, Ryan Jeyoon-5th, Aidan Lee-6th, Josemaria Meister-7th, Shwan Lee-8th Y12 Women’s Epee: Michelle Lee-Bronze, Elizabeth Kim-5th, Yedda Lee-8th Y12 Women’s Foil: Lily Papadakis-Silver Y12 Men’s Epee: Edward Kim-Bronze, Ian Park-7th Y14 Women’s Epee: Michelle Lee-5th Y14 Women’s Foil: Lily Papadakis-Bronze Y14 Men’s Epee: Minchan Park-Silver, William Tae-Bronze, Prestan Park-6th

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