Schedule 2022

Recreational Classes:

The recreational classes teach youth and adults good posture for healthy bodies and minds through the sport of fencing. Students also develop reasoning skills such as logic, strategy, tactics, and self-control through the sport of fencing and earn a sense of accomplishment through various competitions.

Competitive Classes:

Penta Olympic Fencing Club offers distinctive systematic training to youth who want to achieve higher levels in various competitions.  These individualized competitive classes also prepare high school students to get into Ivy League and other universities/colleges with fencing teams through high level, step by step training.

* All fencers must be members of USA Fencing.

Birthday Parties:

Penta Olympic Fencing Club offers exciting birthday parties for children ages 7 & up. These 1 1/2 hour parties consist of 45 minutes of technique, footwork, fencing strategy, and supervised fencing where participants will gear up and fence. The fun class is taught by one of our very own fencing coaches. The second half of the party is used for presents, cake, and refreshments (which are provided by the birthday host). Up to 10 guests – $300 – additional guests $25 each. To reserve your birthday party, fill out the birthday party request form and submit it to