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Result – 2019 Summer National & July Challenge


Faith Park : Y14 Women’s Épée

Daniel Lee : Y12 Men’s Épée



Samuel Lee : Y10 Men’s Épée

Keegan O’Hara : DV3 Men’s Épée


Top 8

Faith Park : Dv1 Women’s Épée

Erika Gumagay : DV2 Women’s Épée

Michelle Lee : DV2 Women’s Épée


Top 16

Kylin Taylor : Y10 Women’s Épée

Kiera Taylor : Y12 Women’s Épée

Yedda Lee : Y12 Women’s Épée

Ian Park : Y14 Men’s Épée


Top 32

Faith Park : Junior Women’s Épée

Ian Park : Y12 Men’s Épée

Thomas Murphy : Y12 Men’s Épée

Andre Hu : DV2 Men’s Épée

Byron Wu : DV3 Men’s Épée

Paul Gumagay : Vet50 Men’s Épée


Top 64

Michelle Lee : Y14 Women’s Épée

Yedda Lee : Y14 Women’s Épée

Kozmo Rhyu : Y14 Men’s Épée

Faith Park : Cadet Women’s Épée

Michelle Lee : Cadet Women’s Épée

Kyungmin Lee : Cadet Women’s Épée

Keegan O’Hara : Cadet Men’s Épée

Keegan O’Hara : Junior Men’s Épée


Alex Kim received a scholarship of $4,000 sponsored by Absolute Fencing Gear.

Alex Kim
Kyungmin Lee
Faith Park
Prestan Park
Vincent Park
William Tae
Jason Yi
Nathan Yoon
Yuanlong Zheng
Nirali Igoe
Ishika Chawla


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Result – May & June 2019

1. POFC Youth Tournament

Y10 Mixed Épée
Zhao, Ivy

Y12 Mixed Épée
Lee, Daniel
Murphy, Thomas
Lee, Yedda : 5th

Y14 Mixed Épée
Lee, Daniel
Park, Ian
Murphy, Thomas : 6th
Gumagay, Erika : 8th

2. Jedi Challenge Christopher Chong returned to fencing strip after two years and won a GOLD🥇 in Y14 Mixed Épée

3. Blades of Summer 3 Weapon Open Another A rated fencer at PENTA! Congratulations to Keegan O’Hara who got GOLD in Senior Mixed Épée.

4. BCAF Men’s SN Tune-up Épée Open Congrats to Timothy Lee for taking SILVER.

5.  Loudoun Almost Summer Tournament Congrats to Chur-Yong Joshua Mun for taking BRONZE in D&Under Senior Mixed Épée.

6. The 25th Annual Tom Dann Épée Extravaganza Congrats to Byron Wu who got SILVER.

7. DCFC Youth Challenge Congratulations to Jaden Kim who took GOLD in Y10 Mixed Épée.

8. MDFC Senior Mixed Épée Open Congratulations to Matthew del Castillo for taking BRONZE and earning B19.

9. Friends at AIC Congratulations to our little musketeer, Aarav Chawla for taking 5th place in Y10Y12 Mixed Épée.

10. POFC Epee Open 

C & Under Senior Mixed Épée 
Andre Hu – GOLD
Armin Bagha – SILVER
Byron Wu – BRONZE
Matthew del Castillo – 5th place
Justin Oh – 6th place
Brent Gibbons – 7th place with E19
Ishika Chawla – 8th place

Senior Mixed Épée
Andre Hu – GOLD with A19
Timothy Lee – SILVER
Kozmo Rhyu  & Nirali Igoe – BRONZE
Justin Oh – 5th place with C19
Faith Park – 6th place
Byron Wu – 7th place with C19

11. CFC ÉPÉE OPEN Congrats to Faith Park who got GOLD 🏅 in Senior Mixed Épée.

12.  Friends at AIC Congratulations to Max Friedman for getting SILVER.

13. Jedi Challenge Congratulations to Tristan Wang for taking BRONZE in E & Under Cadet Mixed Épée.

14. MDFC Junior Epee Open Congratulations to Armaan Chawla took BRONZE.

15. Valkyrie II Women’s Open Congrats to Kyungmin Lee for getting SILVER.

16. Mission SYC Congratulations to Kozmo Rhyu who took 5th place in Y14ME.


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Result – April 2019

1. Virginia Grand Prix RYC  Congratulations to all Penta medalists!

GOLD : Yedda Lee in Y12WE & Y14WE
GOLD : Daniel Lee in Y12ME & Y14ME 
GOLD : Samuel Lee in Y10ME

SILVER :  Jolie Korfonta in Y12WE
SILVER : Ian Park in Y12ME & Y14ME

5th place : Ivy Zhao in Y10WE

7th place : Samuel Lee Y12ME

7th place : Jaden Kim in Y10ME

2. Daugherty Youth Cup SYC  Congrats to Kozmo Rhyu who got BRONZE in Y14ME!

3. Virginia Division Summer Nationals Qualifiers Congratulations to Joshua Chur-yong Mun who took 1st place and qualified for Summer Nationals!

4. CFC Épée Open Congratulations to all who made top 4 and earned ratings.

Nathan Yoon: GOLD with A19
Timothy Lee: SILVER
William Tae: BRONZE 
Armaan Chawla: 8th with C19

5. April NAC Congratulations to Keegan O’Hara who got 5th place in DV3ME. So proud of you!!!

6. Fairfax RJCC & RYC

Great job to all Penta fencers and congratulations to all our finalists!

GOLD: Daniel Lee in Y12ME
GOLD: Ian Park in Y14ME & C19                                                                                                          GOLD: Kyungmin Lee in CWE

SILVER: Daniel Lee in Y14ME                                                                                                 SILVER: Kozmo Rhyu in JME                                                                                                  SILVER: Kiera Taylor in Y14WE
SILVER: Michelle Lee in JWE
SILVER: Ivy Zhao in Y10WE

BRONZE: Kylin Taylor in Y10WE
BRONZE: Ian Park in Y12ME
BRONZE: Edward Kim in CME                                                                                                              BRONZE: Kozmo Rhyu in Y14ME
BRONZE: Timothy Lee in JME
BRONZE: Samuel Lee in Y10ME

5th Yedda Lee in CWE                                                                                                                            5th Jihyo Shin in Y10WE
5th Kyungmin Lee in JWE
5th Keegan O’Hara in CME 

6th Yedda Lee in Y14WE                                                                                                                    6th Aanya Chawla in Y12WE

7th Armaan Chawla in Y14ME
7th Ian Park in JME

8th Daniel Lee in CME
8th Edward Kim in JME & D19
8th Aiden Lee in Y10ME


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Result – March 2019

1. March North American Cup in Cleveland, OH

Y14 Women’s Épée: Faith Park – GOLD

Y12 Men’s Épée: Daniel Lee – GOLD &  Ian Park – SILVER

Y10 Men’s Épée: Samuel Lee – BRONZE

DV3 Men’s Épée:  Kozmo Rhyu – top8(6th place)

Y14 Team Women’s Épée: Four Pentateers (Faith Park, Michelle Lee, Erika Gumagay & Yedda Lee) – GOLD

Y14 Men’s Épée : Ian Park(26), Edward Kim(36), Kozmo Rhyu(49)

Y12 Women’s Épée : Minjae Kang(23), Kiera Taylor (24)

2. Friday Knight Fights Congrats to Faith Park who got GOLD!

3. Ben Gutenberg SYC Congratulations to Aanya Chawla who took BRONZE in Y12 Women’s Épée!

4. SJCC in Anaheim, CA

Michelle Lee: 13th in JWE
William Tae: 11th in JME
Kozmo Rhyu: 22nd in JME

5. Brent Nieman Epee RJC/RYCC in Atlanta Congratulations to our 12-year-old fencer, Yedda Lee for taking two BRONZEs in Y14WE & CdtWE and earning her D19! Also, congratulations to Nirali Igoe for taking SILVER in JWE. Awesome!!

6. Fairfax Challenge ROC Congratulations to Tianyi Zhang and Andrea Hu on their 3rd and 7th finishes in DV2ME.  Also, congratulations to Michelle Lee who got SILVER in DV1AWE at the same tournament.

7. Cherry Blossom Open 2019

Senior Women’s Épée
Faith Park: GOLD
Nirali Igoe: BRONZE

Senior Mixed Épée
William Tae: BRONZE
Faith Park: Top 8
Kozmo Rhyu: Top 16 & B19





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Result – February 2019

1. Premier Challenge ROC Great results for Penta fencers over the weekend! Congratulations to Nirali Igoe on taking SILVER and renewing her B19 in the Div1A Women’s Épée. Congratulations to Michelle Lee and Kyungmin Lee on their 2nd and 3rd finishes in DV2 Women’s Épée. Also, congratulations to Kozmo Rhyu who made top8 in the DV2 Men’s Épée at the same tournament.

2. Junior Olympic Championships in Denver, CO.  Congrats to Faith Park on taking Top 8(5th place) out of 255 participants and confirming her A19 in the Junior Women’s Épée. Congrats to Michelle Lee for her top32 (24th place) finish  and Faith Park for placing 35th in the same event. Also, congrats to Keegan O’Hara who made top 64 (49th place) out of 305 participants with national points in Cadet Men’s Épée. This was his first Junior Olympic Championship. We are very proud of you guys!

3. DCFC Youth Challenge

Y10 Mixed Épée
Jaden Kim – GOLD🥇
Ivy Zhao – SILVER🥈 (her first tournament)

Y12 Mixed Épée
Minjae Kang – GOLD🥇
Yedda Lee – BRONZE

4. CFC Open While our Jr & Cadet fencers were competing at JOs, other Penta fencers participated in CFC Open. Especially, congratulations to Dohyun Kim and Coach Bao on their BRONZE medal wins today! Also, Dohyun earned his C19! Awesome!!

5. Choco Therapy

William Tae: BRONZE & upgraded to an A19
Faith Park: BRONZE & renewed her A19
Timothy Lee: 5th & renewed his A19
Kyungmin Lee: top16 & upgraded to a B19
Nathan Yoon: top16 & renewed his B19
Armaan Chawla: top32 & upgraded to a D19
Lefu Chen: top32 & earned a D19
Jason Yi: 47th & earned a E19

6. Capitol Clash SYC & RCC

Y8 Women’s Épée
Gloria Lee – 6th place

Y10 Men’s Épée
Samuel Lee – SILVER

Y12 Women’s Épée
Kiera Taylor – 6th place

Y12 Men’s Épée
Ian Park – GOLD
Daniel Y Lee – BRONZE

Y14 Women’s Épée
Faith Park – BRONZE
Michelle Lee – 7th place

Y14 Men’s Épée
Ian Park – 5th

Cadet Women’s Épée
Faith Park – SILVER

Cadet Men’s Épée
Keegan O’Hara – 5th place

Y14 Women’s Foil
Lily Papadakis – 8th place

Veteran Men’s Épée
Paul Gumagay – 7th place & renewed C19




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Result – January 2019

1. Richmond RJCC Penta fencers are on a roll this weekend!

Junior Men’s Épée
Timothy Lee: SILVER
Keegan O’Hara: BRONZE with B2019
Nathan Yoon: 7th place

Junior Women’s Épée
Erika Gumagay: SILVER with C2019
Kyungmin Lee: BRONZE with C2019
Nirali Igoe: 5th place
Michelle Lee: 6th place

Junior Women’s Foil 
Lily Papadakis: BRONZE

Cadet Men’s Épée
Ian Park : BRONZE 
Kozmo Rhyu : BRONZE

Cadet Women’s Épée
Kyungmin Lee : BRONZE
Kiera Taylor : BRONZE


2. FAP-North D2 Épée in Wincote, PA Congratulations to Edward Kim who got BRONZE with E2019.

3. Magic City RJCC & RYC Erika Gumagay : SILVER in Y14 & Cadet and BRONZE in Junior. Kozmo Rhyu: 6th place in Cadet and SILVER with C2019 in Junior. So proud of you guys!!

4.  DCFC Champagne Challenge Congratulations to Keegan O’Hara who made top 8 and upgraded his rating to a C2019.

5. Apex Challenge RYC Congratulations to POFC youth fencers who represented our club.

Kiera Taylor: GOLD🏅in Y12WE & BRONZE  in Y14WE

Thomas Murphy: BRONZE in Y12ME & 5th place in Y14ME

Kylin Taylor: BRONZE  in Y10E

6. MDFC Junior Épée Open Congratulations to Armaan Chawla who placed 3rd and earned E2019.

7. St. James RJCC Congratulations to all our finalists!

Cadet Men’s Épée
Daniel Lee: GOLD & renewed C19
Keegan O’Hara: SILVER & renewed D19
Kozmo Rhyu: BRONZE  & earned D19
Ian Park: 8th place

Cadet Women’s Épée
Erika Gumagay: GOLD
Kyungmin Lee: SILVER

Cadet Women’s Foil
Lily Papadakis: GOLD

Junior Women’s Épée
Kyungmin Lee: SILVER
Erika Gumagay: BRONZE

Junior Men’s Épée
William Tae: 6th place

8. January NAC in Charlotte, NC Congratulations to Faith Park placed 34th in Senior Women’s Épée and 25th in Junior Women’s Epee.

9. Congratulations to Tim for being a part of the USA national Cadet team! Good luck Tim and Go USA!!


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December 2018

1. Fairfax Challenge RYC & RCC Penta fencers were killing it this weekend!

Y14 Women’s Épée
Lefu Chen : GOLD
Yedda Lee : 7th place 
Sena Flo : 8th place

Y12 Men’s Épée
Daniel Lee : GOLD
Ian Park : SILVER
Thomas Murphy : 8th place

Cadet Men’s Épée
Daniel Lee : GOLD
Ian Park : BRONZE

Y14 Men’s Épée
Daniel Lee : GOLD
Ian Park : 5th place
Edward Kim : 7th place

Y12 Women’s Épée
Chelsea Hu : BRONZE
Yedda Lee : 6th place
Minjae Kang : 7th place

Y14 Women’s Foil
Lefu Chen : 8th place


2. Jedi Challenge last weekend Congratulations to Lianhao Li who took BRONZE in Y14 Mixed Foil.

3. December NAC Great job to all Penta fencers who competed at Dec NAC in Cincinnati, OH. Special congrats go out to…

Lily Papadakis : Top16(12) DV2WF
Michelle Lee : Top16(12) DV2 WE
Kyungmin Lee : Top32(22) DV2WE
Faith Park : Top32 DV1WE
Bill Zheng : Top16(10) DV2ME

4. DCFC Youth Challenge Great results for Penta fencers over the weekend. Congratulations to Kozmo Rhyu and Joshua Mun on their 1st and 3rd finishes in Y14 Mixed Epee.

5. Richard F Oles Memorial Charm City Classic ROC  Timothy Lee and Faith Park fenced very well in DV1A and both fencers took home SILVER medals.

6. Stoccata River Otter RJCC Congratulations to Nirali Igoe for getting GOLD🥇and qualifying for JOs in Junior Women’s Epee. Also, congratulations to Keegan O’Hara who got 6th place in Junior Men’s Epee. He earned regional junior points for JO as well.

7. Thrust Fall ROC Congratulations to Michelle Lee who got SILVER in DV2 Women’s Epee. Also, congratulations to Kozmo Rhyu placed 9th in DV2 Men’s Epee.

8.  ACN Atlanta Foil RJCC Lily Papadakis made the podium this weekend by taking double GOLD medals in Cadet and Junior WF.

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2018 POFC Holiday Party

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November 2018

  1. Cobra Challenge SYC & RCCY14 Men’s Epee
    Ian Park – BRONZE & D2018
    Daniel Lee – 5th place & E2018

    Y12 Women’s Epee
    Kiera Taylor – SILVER

    Y12 Men’s Epee
    Daniel Lee – GOLD
    Ian Park – SILVER

    Y8 Women’s Epee
    Gloria Lee – 8th place

    Cadet Men’s Epee
    Timothy Lee – SILVER

  2.  Mid-west RJCC & ROC William got SILVER medal in Jr Men’s Epee and Nirali got BRONZE in DV1 Women’s Epee.
  3. DCFC Champagne Challenge Congratulations to Timothy Lee for getting second place.
  4. November NACFaith Park – GOLD in Y14 WE
    5th place in Junior WE & A2018
    13th place in Cadet WE
    Kyungmin Lee – 56th place in Cadet WE
    Michelle Lee – 61st place in Cadet WE

    Timothy Lee – 11th place in Cadet ME
    William Tae – 37th place in Cadet ME
    Nathan Yoon – 58th place in Cadet ME
    Kozmo Rhyu – 30th place in Y14 ME

  5. Rockland Fencers Club Epee Open Congratulations to Timothy for taking Silver medal in Senior Men’s Epee.
  6. Joan of Arc Open Congratulations to Lefu Chen for taking Silver medal in Senior Women’s Foil and Rakyung Lee for taking Bronze medal in Senior Women’s Epee.
  7. Halloweenie Youth Congratulations to Caden Zhang for taking 3rd in 12 mixed epee.
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