2017 POFC Holiday Party!

We really appreciated all of you guys who came to the party. Also, big thank you to everyone for bringing such an amazing food to share with one another. We hope you had a great time and look forward to another great year ahead!!! GO POFC!!!


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2017 Winter Fencing Clinics

Come join POFC for our Winter Fencing Clinics!!  See Camps/Events tab…


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Results in November 2017

1. Joan of Arc Open

Congratulations to Yuni Choi for getting Silver medal in women’s Épée at the Joan of Arc open today! Keep up the good work!!

2. Thrust Fall ROC

Congratulations to Faith Park who got SILVER medal in Div 1A Women’s Epee at the Thrust Fall ROC. We are so proud of you!! Way to go Faith!!!

3. November North American Cup

Our 12-year-old fencers Michelle Lee and Lily Papadakis fenced well in Y14WE at the Nov NAC. Especially, congratulations to Michelle for taking 11th place. Great job!!!

4. BFC November Youth Event

Well done all POFC youth fencers who competed at the BFC November Youth Event! Here’s their great results!

Samuel Yechan Lee: GOLD in Y10 mixed epee
Daniel Yedarm Lee: BRONZE in Y12 mixed epee
Kyungmin Lee: BRONZE in Y14 mixed epee
Edward Kim: GOLD in Y14 mixed foil

5. Jedi Challenge

Congratulations to Max Friedman who got Gold in Y10 mixed epee and Minjun Kim who got SILVER in Y14 mixed epee at the Jedi Challenge. Great job Max & Minjun!! 🥇🤺

6. Cobra Challenge SYC

Over the Thanksgiving Break we had about 20 fencers compete at the Cobra Challenge SYC, Y8 & Cadet in Secaucus, NJ. So proud of all POFC fencers! Here’s our great results!!

Y8 Mixed Epee: Isabella Tang – BRONZE

Y10 Men’s Epee : Ryan Jeyoon – BRONZE , Aidan Lee – 6th

Y12 Men’s Epee : Daniel Yedarm Lee – 8th

Y12 Women’s Epee : Michelle Lee – BRONZE , Lily Papadakis – 7th

Y14 Women’s Epee : Faith Park – GOLD, Michelle Lee – 5th

Cadet Women’s Epee : Faith Park – GOLD, Nirali Igoe – 5th, Michelle Lee – 7th

7. Fencers Club Senior Men’s Epee Grand Prix II

Fantastic job Woosuk Lee who got 3rd place at the Fencers Club Senior Men’s Epee Grand Prix II in NY.
He did poorly in his pool but in the DE rounds, he defeated 4 tough opponents. Sadly he lost 15-14 in the semi finals. Keep up the good work Woosuk!!



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Results in October 2017

1. Richmond Fall RYC
As always we got another great result!!! Every youth fencer competed amazingly!! Here are our great results;

Y10 Mixed Epee
Jeyoon Ryan – GOLD
Samuel Yechan Lee – 6th
Matthew Li – 7th
Kylin Taylor – 8th

Y12 Men’s Epee
Ian Park – SILVER
Daniel Yedarm Lee – BRONZE
Matthew Li – 7th

Y12 Men’s Foil
Daniel Yedarm Lee – 5th

Y12 Women’s Epee
Michelle Lee – GOLD
Erika Gumagay – SILVER
Kiera Taylor – BRONZE
Yedda Lee – 5th
Chelsea Hu – 8th

Y14 Men’s Epee
Timothy Lee – SILVER
Ian Park – BRONZE
Spencer Huang – 6th
Keegan O’Hara – 7th

Y14 Women’s Epee
Michelle Lee – BRONZE
Kiera Taylor – 7th
Kyungmin Lee – 8th

2. MoDuel E & Under Mixed Epee

One of our veteran fencers “Fencing Dad “ Paul Gumagay earned his D2017 by getting first place at the MoDuel E & under Mixed Epee!!! Awesome 👍

3. BFC New West Open
An enjoyable tournament with a lot of cheering, caring and supporting fencers!!! Also, this was Ian Foo’s first competition!! Special congrats to our fencers who took top 8 including Kyle Yi(SILVER), Nathan Yoon(BRONZE), and Caroline Kim(8th) at the BFC Columbia New West Open. Good job!!

4. MDFC Senior Mixed Epee

Congratulations to Timothy Lee and Nirali Igoe on their 2nd and 8th place finish at the MDFC Senior Mixed Epee Open yesterday. Great job Tim & Nirali!

5. Tom Wright Memorial Veteran Fencing Tournament

Big congrats to our veteran fencers and fencing dads, Brad Kim who got D2017 by getting 10th place in the Veteran Mixed Epee and Jaehyun Kim who got 6th place in the Veteran Mixed Foil at the Tom Wright Memorial Veteran Fencing Tournament today! Well done!! 🤺👍😁

6. Jedi Challenge

Congratulations to Thomas Murphy on winning the GOLD medal in the 12 mixed epee at the Jedi Challenge. Way to go Thomas!!

7. DCFC Youth Challenge

Great job POFC youth fencers who competed in the DCFC Youth Challenge yesterday!

Y10 Mixed Epee
Ryan Jeyoon – GOLD
Matthew Li – BRONZE 
Samuel Yechan Lee – BRONZE

Y12 Mixed Epee
Edward Kim – GOLD
Daniel Yedarm Lee – BRONZE
Shwan Lee – 7th
Erika Gumagay – 8th

Y14 Mixed Epee
Minjun Kim – SILVER
Keegan O’Hara – BRONZE

8. Durkan Div1A ROC

Congratulations to Woosuk Lee for getting 6th place at the Durkan Div1A ROC today! Awesome!!

9. VA Division JO Qualifier

Congratulations to POFC fencers who qualified for JOs. Here is our results of the competition.
Dahyun Kang : GOLD in Jr WE
Rakyung Lee : SILVER in Cdt WE
Caroline Kim : BRONZE in Cdt WE
Nathan Yoon : SILVER in Jr ME
Kyle Yi : BRONZE in Jr ME

10. DCFC Champagne Challenge

Congratulations to Alex Kim who got BRONZE and his C2017 at the DCFC Champagne Challenge. Well done!!

11. Ben Gutenberg SYC

Our youth POFC fencers did a great job at the Ben Gutenberg SYC. Congratulations to our finalists!

Y10 Men’s Epee: Ryan Jeyoon – BRONZE, Aidan Lee – 6th

Y12 Women’s Epee: Michelle Lee – BRONZE, Yedda Lee – 8th

Y14 Men’s Epee: Timothy Lee – SILVER

Cadet Women’s Epee: Michelle Lee – 7th

12. All Hallows Open

Congratulations to William Tae for getting BRONZE and also Faith Park for getting 7th place at the All Hallows Open. Great Job!!

13. W & M Halloween Open

Another good news! Congratulations to Nathan Yoon who got BRONZE medal and his B2017 at the W&M Halloween Open! We are so proud of you! Keep working hard!!

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Penta Olympic Fencing Club has made NFCR(National Fencing Club Rankings)’s Honor Roll for “BEST FENCING CLUBS”! We are so proud of our talented fencers achieving milestones like this. Also, thank you to our hardworking coaches we brought success to our fencing club!!best club 2017.jpg

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POFC 2nd place for the Regional Recognition Patch Winners!!

I’d like to thank all of the wonderful coaches and hard working fencers for ranking our club 2nd for the Regional Recognition Patch Winners!! Our club earned the total of 10 patches of foil and epee for both genders. Go POFC!!!!

자동 대체 텍스트를 사용할 수 없습니다.
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Results in September 2017

1. LFA Albert Chikayev Memorial Div 1A / Div 2 ROC

We are so proud of all POFC fencers who competed at LFA Albert Chikayev Memorial Div 1A/Div 2 ROC. Congratulations!! Here are our fantastic results;

Div 1A Women’s Epee: Dahyun Kang (8th place)

Div 2 Men’s Epee: Derek Kim (BRONZE)

Div 1A Men’s Epee: Kyle Yi (BRONZE), Woosuk Lee (10th place), Derek Kim (13th place / B2017)

2. Boston Fencing Club SYC

We had an amazing weekend of tournaments! Congratulations to all our youth fencers who attended in Boston Fencing Club SYC. Special congrats go out to…

Y10 Men’s Epee – Aidan Lee : BRONZE, Matthew Li : 6th place, Ryan Jeyoon : 7th place

Y12 Women’s Epee – Kiera Taylor : 8th place

3. North Texas Roundup SYC

Michelle Lee shined at the North Texas Roundup SYC, winning three BRONZE in Y12, Y14 and Cadet Women’s Epee. Also, she earned D2017! What an incredible achievement!! Congratulations Michelle!!!

4. Fairfax Challenge RYC & RCC
We had an amazing weekend of fencing with great results by our wonderful fencers. We had a lot of awesome moments because we cheered together for our club mates and coached each other. Also, we are really thankful for our great coaches and parents of their dedication and support!!
Here are our awesome results;

Y10 Men’s Epee: 
Ryan Jeyoon(SILVER)
Aidan Lee(BRONZE)
Matthew Li(BRONZE)
Samuel Lee(6th)

Y10 Men’s Foil
Aidan Lee(SILVER)

Y10 Women’s Epee
Kylin Taylor(BRONZE)

Y12 Men’s Epee
Edward Kim(GOLD)
Ian Park(5th)
Matthew Li(6th)
Ryan Jeyoon(8th)

Y12 Men’s Foil
Edward Kim(SILVER)
Daniel Lee(6th)

Y12 Women’s Epee
Lily Papadakis(GOLD)
Michelle Lee(SILVER)
Kiera Taylor(5th)
Yedda Lee(6th)

Y12 Women’s Foil
Lily Papadakis(GOLD)

Y14 Men’s Epee
Timothy Lee(GOLD)
Keegan O’Hara(7th)

Y14 Women’s Epee
Faith Park(SILVER)
Kiera Taylor(5th)
Erika Gumagay(7th)

Y14 Women’s Foil
Lily Papadakis(GOLD)

Cadet Men’s Epee
Minchan Park(BRONZE / C2017)
Alex Kim(6th / D2017)
William Tae(7th)

Cadet Women’s Epee
Dahyun Kang(BRONZE)
Faith Park(BRONZE)
Michelle Lee(5th)

5. DCFC Champagne Challenge

Congratulations to Derek Kim for getting SILVER at the DCFC Champagne Challenge. Keep up the great work!!

6. Bruce Fusner Memorial RJCC & RYC

Great job POFC fencers who competed at the Bruce Fusner Memorial RJCC & RYC in Atlanta, GA. Here are some wonderful photos and results from the Epee event;

Y14 Men: Timothy Lee (GOLD)

Cadet Men: Timothy Lee (BRONZE)

Junior Men: Sungho Yoon(BRONZE), Woosuk Lee(5th), William Tae(7th), Timothy Lee(8th)

Junior Women: Rakyung Lee(8th/D2017)

7. Charm City Classic ROC

Congratulations to everyone who competed at the Div1A Charm City Classic ROC today!!!! Everyone fenced really well!! Today, two fencers earned their rating!! Keegan O’Hara earning his E17 and Tim Lee earning his A17 by getting 7th place. Also, Faith Park got BRONZE and Dahyun Kang got 8th place. Awesome!!!


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Results in August 2017

1. USA Fencing All-Academic High School 1st Team

POFC is proud to announce that our fencers were named to USA Fencing All-Academic High School 1st Team. Congratulations William Tae, Dahyun Kang, and Alex Kim!!

2. 2017 USFA Summer Nationals & July Challenge in SLC, Utah.

Y10 WE : Yedda Lee – 9th place out of 53

Y12 WE : Faith Park – 7th place & Michelle Lee – 14th place out of 92

Y14 WE : Dahyun Kang – 41st place & Faith Park – 43rd place out of 152

Cdt WE : Faith Park – 13th place and B2017 & Dahyun Kang – 21st place and C2017

Div3 WE : Dahyun Kang – 20th place out of 136

Y14 ME : Timothy Lee – 42nd place out of 197

Div3 ME : William Tae – 46th place out of 149

3. 2017 Keystone State Games

Everyone fenced today did an amazing job!!! The Oakton Highschool teammates all received medals!! Congratulations to Sungho & Kyle for winning Bronze and William for taking 7th place in Senior Men’s Epee. Also, Caroline for winning Silver and earning “E”2017 in Senior Women’s Epee. Awesome d^^b

4. Piedmont Challenge RJCC in NC

POFC gets off to a very good start in this new season!! Congratulations to everyone who attended the Piedmont Challenge RJCC this weekend!!

Special congrats go out to…..
Junior Women’s Epee: Faith Park(GOLD)
Junior Men’s Epee: Kyle Yi(SILVER), Sungho Yoon(BRONZE)
Cadet Women’s Epee: Faith Park(BRONZE), Rakyung Lee(6th)
Cadet Men’s Epee: Timothy Lee(GOLD), Minchan Park(BRONZE)

5. Big Blue 2017 in NC

Congratulations to The Panda/Kyle Yi for getting 1st place and earning his A rating at the Big Blue 2017 in NC. We now have two A’s in our club!! We know you deserved gold plus your A because you worked hard in our club and out. Good job!!

6. DCFC Champagne Challenge

POFC earned our third A today!!! CONGRATULATIONS to Woosuk Lee for getting GOLD medal and A2017 and also Derek Kim for getting BRONZE medal at DCFC Champagne Challenge. Well done Woosuk & Derek!!

7. Loudoun Season Starter Epee Tournament

Another good news! Congratulations to Seungmin Lee for getting BRONZE in D & Under Senior Women’s Epee and Dohyun Kim for finishing 5th place in the D & Under Senior Mixed Epee at the Loudoun Season Starter Épée tournament! Great job!!






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Results in May & June 2017

1. Battle the Bullies 5/21/2017 in Silver Spring, MD

Y10 Mixed Epee –
Ian Park (GOLD)
Ryan Jeyoon (SILVER)
Shwan Lee (BRONZE)
Yedda Lee (BRONZE)

Y12 Mixed Epee –
Michelle Lee (SILVER)
Ryan Jeyoon (BRONZE)
Ian Park (BRONZE)
Shwan Lee (5th)
Nathan Moon (6th)

Y14 Mixed Epee –
Faith Park (GOLD)
Nathan Yoon (SILVER)

2. Youth Y10 & Y12 Mixed Epee 6/11/2017 in Silver Spring, MD – Aidan Lee: Silver

3. Blades of Summer 3 Weapon Open in Baltimore, MD – Timothy Lee: Silver / Brad Kim: 8th place & Renewing E2017 in Senior Mixed Epee

4. BFC Oil Change Open in Columbia, MD – William Tae: 6th & C2017 / Timothy Lee: 8th place in Senior Mixed Epee

5. Tune-Up Open Tournament in Silver Spring, MD – Timothy Lee: Silver / Kyle Yi: Bronze in Senior Mixed Epee



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