April Results

1. Cherry Blossom Open

So proud of POFC fencers over the weekend! Congratulations to Faith Park who got SILVER in the Senior WE at the Cherry Blossom Open in College Park, MD yesterday. It’s only one touch away from gold medal.

2. Atlanta Fencing Epee RJCC 
Congratulations to William Tae who got SILVER in the Cadet ME and BRONZE in the Junior ME  at the Atlanta Fencing Epee RJCC in Atlanta, GA today. Go Penta!!

3. Jeff Wolfe Long Island Challenge ROC

Congratulations to Nirali Igoe on winning BRONZE medal and renewing B18 in the Div1A WE. Great job Nirali!!

4. April North American Cup

Big congratulations William Tae!!
One touch away from gold…. but amazing performance by William Tae getting 2nd place in Div2ME at April NAC in Richmond VA. Way to go, William!!! Also, great job Kyungmin Lee for top 16(13 place) in Div3WE and for top 32 in Div2WE. We are so proud of your progress in a short time. Hooray!! Congratulations to our veteran fencer Paul Gumagay!!! He got 5th place today at the Div3 ME in April NAC. Age is just number!! Congratulations to all POFC fencers, parents and coaches!!

5. Fairfax Challenge SYC
Great job all of our fencers who represented our club! We are so proud of you guys!!

Y14 Men’s Epee

Timothy Lee: GOLD / Ian Park: 7th place & E18

Y12 Men’s Epee

Ian Park: 8th place

Y14 Women’s Epee

Faith Park: BRONZE / Michelle Lee: 5th place / Erika Gumagay: 12th place & E18

Y12 Women’s Epee

Michelle Lee: SILVER / Kiera Taylor: 5th place

6. 2018 Virginia Division Div II/III/Y14 SN

Congratulations to all POFC fencers who qualified for Summer Nationals!

Kozmo Rhyu: 2nd for Y14ME
Rakyung Lee: 2nd for DV2 & DV3 WE
Kyungmin Lee: 6th for DV3 WE
Julia Kim: 3rd for DV2 & DV3 WF



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