Result in March 2018

1. Fairfax Challenge RJCC

Great job all POFC fencers! We swept 11 medals at each Epee events. A special congrats go out to..

Junior Men’s Epee
Timothy Lee : GOLD & A2018
William Tae : 7th place

Junior Women’s Epee
Faith Park : BRONZE
Michelle Lee : 5th place
Nirali Igoe : 8th place

Cadet Men’s Epee
Timothy Lee : GOLD
Tianyi Zhang : 5th place
William Tae : 6th place
Keegan O’Hara: 7th place & D18

Cadet Women’s Epee
Dahyun Kang : 6th place
Kyungmin Lee : 7th place & E18

2. DCFC Champagne Challenge

Congratulations to John Kim who got 7th place and C2018 in the Senior Mixed Epee. Way to go John!!!

3. DCFC Youth Challenge

Congratulations to everyone who competed in the Y12 Mixed Epee! Keep up the great work!
1st Kozmo Rhyu
2nd Nathan Moon
5th Prestin Kim

4.  March North American Cup in Baltimore, MD

POFC youth fencers competed very well and had a great experience! Here are our great results;

Matthew Li : 8th place in Y10 Men’s Epee                                                                                Michelle Lee : 9th place in Y14 Women’s Epee & Y12 Women’s Epee                                        Timothy Lee : 13th place in Y14 Men’s Epee
Edward Kim : 8th place in Y12 Men’s Epee
Faith Park : GOLD in Y14 Team Women’s Epee

5. Arnold Fencing Classic RYC in OH

Congratulations to Lily Papadakis for getting 2nd place in Wo

men’s Epee and 3rd place in Y12 & Y14 Women’s Foil. Great job Lily!!



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