2017 POFC Holiday Party!

We really appreciated all of you guys who came to the party. Also, big thank you to everyone for bringing such an amazing food to share with one another. We hope you had a great time and look forward to another great year ahead!!! GO POFC!!!


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1 Response to 2017 POFC Holiday Party!

  1. Sylvia says:

    Im not sure how often someone checks this webpage, but I wanted to reach out to someone in this fencing group. I attended school with her during kindergarten and 1st grade and we were best friends. She once came to where I lived(which was another country) and played together. that was 7 years ago. Looking at this post, I want to reach out to her again. She is Lily(Papadakins). I tried emailing her mom but unfortunately, it didn’t work. Hi, Lily, it’s Sylvia. If you remember 🙂 I hope I can reach out to her again with this post.

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