Results in August 2017

1. USA Fencing All-Academic High School 1st Team

POFC is proud to announce that our fencers were named to USA Fencing All-Academic High School 1st Team. Congratulations William Tae, Dahyun Kang, and Alex Kim!!

2. 2017 USFA Summer Nationals & July Challenge in SLC, Utah.

Y10 WE : Yedda Lee – 9th place out of 53

Y12 WE : Faith Park – 7th place & Michelle Lee – 14th place out of 92

Y14 WE : Dahyun Kang – 41st place & Faith Park – 43rd place out of 152

Cdt WE : Faith Park – 13th place and B2017 & Dahyun Kang – 21st place and C2017

Div3 WE : Dahyun Kang – 20th place out of 136

Y14 ME : Timothy Lee – 42nd place out of 197

Div3 ME : William Tae – 46th place out of 149

3. 2017 Keystone State Games

Everyone fenced today did an amazing job!!! The Oakton Highschool teammates all received medals!! Congratulations to Sungho & Kyle for winning Bronze and William for taking 7th place in Senior Men’s Epee. Also, Caroline for winning Silver and earning “E”2017 in Senior Women’s Epee. Awesome d^^b

4. Piedmont Challenge RJCC in NC

POFC gets off to a very good start in this new season!! Congratulations to everyone who attended the Piedmont Challenge RJCC this weekend!!

Special congrats go out to…..
Junior Women’s Epee: Faith Park(GOLD)
Junior Men’s Epee: Kyle Yi(SILVER), Sungho Yoon(BRONZE)
Cadet Women’s Epee: Faith Park(BRONZE), Rakyung Lee(6th)
Cadet Men’s Epee: Timothy Lee(GOLD), Minchan Park(BRONZE)

5. Big Blue 2017 in NC

Congratulations to The Panda/Kyle Yi for getting 1st place and earning his A rating at the Big Blue 2017 in NC. We now have two A’s in our club!! We know you deserved gold plus your A because you worked hard in our club and out. Good job!!

6. DCFC Champagne Challenge

POFC earned our third A today!!! CONGRATULATIONS to Woosuk Lee for getting GOLD medal and A2017 and also Derek Kim for getting BRONZE medal at DCFC Champagne Challenge. Well done Woosuk & Derek!!

7. Loudoun Season Starter Epee Tournament

Another good news! Congratulations to Seungmin Lee for getting BRONZE in D & Under Senior Women’s Epee and Dohyun Kim for finishing 5th place in the D & Under Senior Mixed Epee at the Loudoun Season Starter Épée tournament! Great job!!






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