Results in March 2017

1. LFA Albert Chikayev Memorial ROC 3/3/2017 at Grove, NJ – Derek Kim: 5th place & D2017 – Woosuk Lee: 6th place in Div 1-A Men’s Epee

2. Virginia’s Summer National Qualifiers Div 2 3/5/2017 at Falls Church, VA – Derek Kim: GOLD medal – Minchan Park: Silver medal

3. March North American Cup 3/10~13/2017 at Cleveland, OH – Ryan Jeyoon: 6th place in Y10 Men’s Epee – Faith Park: 19th place in Y12 Women’s Epee & Top 32 in Y14 Women’s Epee – Michelle Lee: Top32 in Y12 Women’s Epee – Timothy Lee: 14th place in Y14 Men’s Epee & 26th place in Div2 Men’s Epee – Dahyun Kang: 19th place in Div2 Women’s Epee

4. DCFC Champagne Challenge #4 3/12/2017 at Silver Spring, MD – Woosuk Lee: Bronze & B2017 in Senior Mixed Epee

5. Loudoun March Madness Youth Fencing Tournament 3/12/2017 at Ashburn, VA – Nathan Moon: Bronze in Y12 Mixed Epee

6. Cherry Blossom Open 2017 3/26/2017 at Maryland University, MD – Sungho Yoon: Bronze & A2017 in Senior Mixed Epee










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